Every year Bergen National Opera engage several thousand local children and youth in the art of opera. We also cooperate with other institutions and arrange academies to strengthen the competence within all areas of opera.

Edvard Grieg Choir

Edvard Grieg Choir is a professional choir which we partner with for all our productions.


in schools

We believe that active participation is the best way to get to know opera. Therefore we invite children and youth to take part in the creative process together with our artists and educators.

Children´s choir

When possible, children's choirs participate in our opera productions, where they get to be on stage with international stars as well as the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.



Through the talent program Young Voices, Bergen National Opera guide young opera artists at the beginning of their career.


AdOpera! is a national network of opera producers, which aim it is to strengthen development, production skills and presentation of modern opera and musical theatre.

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